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Online English lesson from Bali 1 ticket

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This is a completely private online English lesson by Saeko, who lives in Bali, Indonesia.

■ Profile Born in Osaka and raised in Osaka. Her parents are unrelated to foreign countries and grow up in a normal Japanese family. However, since she was little, she had a strong admiration for overseas and she wanted to be a mystery hunter of "discovering the wonders of the world" (laughs)

From her admiration, as a result of continuing to study English steadily, she passed a certain university with many returnees. She focuses on English education and has recently become famous for her graduation from the imperial family. When she was in college, she studied abroad in Canada for a month and a half, two weeks in the UK, and a year in Sweden. She is a Swedish university, and she challenged the system to get a degree in one year and got the second degree in Japan.

After her return, she joined a major telecommunications company using her returnee quota. She goes to a yoga studio that teaches yoga in English on Saturdays and Sundays so she doesn't forget English.

After her retirement, she moved to Bali, Indonesia and continues to the present day. She has a maximum TOEIC score of 913 (out of 990)

■ Study method First of all, the first consultation is about 30 minutes. She asks about her English learning history, areas of weakness, and goals. Not only will she be able to speak, but specifically ✨ Basically, I would like her to prepare the teaching materials herself.

I recommend youtube in your favorite field !!! Let's watch a happy video no matter how many times you listen ❤ My theory is that it's not as painful as reading a sentence that you are not interested in! So I want to read it! I want to hear! I think that is the best shortcut ❤ For example,

☘️ I love Disney ❤ I want to see the original!

☘️ I love Bashar! I want to feel the energy in English

☘️ Tarot card mogul! I want to understand the transmission of English

☘️ I want to watch my favorite movie without subtitles!

Grammar is also important, so I will explain the grammar and meaning while reading it in detail. I don't understand at all at first, but when I explain it, I suddenly hear it! I want you to feel this feeling ❤

■ Amount consultation and the first lesson is free ✨

If you continue, it will be 3000 yen from the second time to the first time. Please feel free to message us for any inquiries.