[Group 2-4 people] Bali Virtual Shopping Escort! Good shopping in a group

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[Group Shopping Escort: Bali Virtual Shopping Escort with Kutu & Saeko Couple]

Why don't you do private virtual shopping around batik fabric shop & general store?

Group (minimum 2 to 4 people) Maximum 2 hours course.
(Please contact us if you would like other stores)
Kutu & Saeko couple living in Bali will escort your shopping.
First, go to the fabric shop.

I feel happy just by looking at the colorful and bright fabrics that are not found in Japan.
You can also process it into a computer case, vinyl pouch, or dragon plush toy with the cloth of your choice!

Would you like to welcome your own dragon plush toy?
At the general merchandise market, you can feel like you are in Bali just by looking at incense holders, atta bags, Buddha statues, Ganesha statues, tableware with shells, etc.

Atabak is very popular as a souvenir from Bali. Perfect for Japanese yukata.

A vessel decorated with shellfish. Just looking at it as glitter makes you feel happy!
Even in Bali, where prices are cheap, we will escort you to wholesale specialty stores in particular!
Enjoy your own shopping at a great price!

■ Schedule: Please let us know your desired schedule. We will decide after consultation.
However, we may not be able to meet your request on Sundays, public holidays, Garungan, Bali, Idurfitri, etc. due to religious holidays, as the store will close.
■ Participation fee: 6,000 yen per person
* Items purchased through shopping, processing fees, and shipping charges will be charged separately.
A separate invoice will be sent at a later date.
■ How to participate: At the time of purchase, please fill in the desired schedule up to the 3rd schedule.
The schedule will be decided after consultation by email.
After that, ZOOM ID will be sent.
Please set the ZOOM application in advance.