[Direct delivery from Bali] No.20 Inner cloth order Simple attack bag

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Summary of features of Attabag No.20
  • Simple and beautiful stitches
  • The handle is woven with leather, making it durable and hard to cut
  • Various options can be selected

    1. Inner cloth pattern (selectable from 5 or 6 types)

    2. With or without drawstring purse

    3. With / without inner pocket

    ◆ Size ◆

    Vertical 20 cm (* 44 cm including the handle)

    28 cm wide

    Width 12 cm

    ◆ Product Description

    Durable basket bag made from traditional Balinese bag

    Atabag is a craft made by hand-knitting a plant called Ata.

    Each one is hand-knitted by a craftsman, and the handmade texture is very beautiful.

    It seems that it was originally used as a shield in the village of Tenganan, and it is very durable.

    Currently, it is famous as a souvenir such as bags, trays, and tissue cases.

    It took a month and a half to knit, dry and smoke.

    A lifelong bag that takes a total of 2 months to complete.

    Perfect for the coming hot season!

    It goes well with yukata, so it's sure to come in handy.

    ◆ From the village of Tenganan, the birthplace of Ata ◆

    Nowadays, you can easily buy an ata bag at a souvenir shop.

    However, the quality is very different.

    The Ata bag made in Tenganan village, the birthplace of Ata, is characterized by tightly packed stitches and a beautiful candy color.

    Tenganan village is not easy to reach as it takes more than an hour from the center of Bali.

    That is why traditional techniques are carefully preserved.

    Attabags from the Dakshina shop are purchased directly in the village of Tenganan.

    Click here for a blog about Tenganan Village.



    • This product will be shipped by international registered mail. A separate shipping fee of 3,500 yen will be charged.
    • Due to international shipping, it will take some time to arrive in Japan. Currently, the number of flights is decreasing due to the influence of Corona, and it may take 10 to 14 days.
    • After shipping, no cancellation or refund is possible.
    • However, if the situation deteriorates and shipping is not possible, a full refund will be given.
    • Because it is a natural material, plant fibers may come out like spines. Please note that it may get caught in knitwear.
    • The body of the attack bag is very strong, but the handle is made of normal leather. Therefore, please note that the handle may be cut off if you put heavy luggage in it.