[Overseas direct shipment / personal import] Charcoal roasted baron coffee and 2 types of direct fire roasting set

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Charcoal roasted Phoenix coffee that was very popular.

Sales have been suspended, but they have been renewed and resold!

[Special package contents]
〇 Charcoal roasted baron coffee (Roasted charcoal fire, arabica from Kintamani, Bali)
〇 Direct fire roasting city roast
〇 Direct fire roasting French roast

◆ What is Bali Rabica?
Arabica coffee beans cultivated in the Kintamani region of the highlands of Bali. It is characterized by a strong but elegant bitterness and a deep balance of richness.
Coffee with a refreshing sweetness like citrus and a mellow aroma.
A fruity taste that is easy to drink and is loved by everyone.

◆ Charcoal roasted baron coffee (old) Phoenix Coffee)
Premium coffee supervised by a specialist who has been active as a roasting master in Japan for decades.
Only Barirabica from Kintamani, Bali is used.
We are particular about the refining process of coffee beans, and we have a unique mix of a natural process with strong individuality and a gentle washed process.
And roast with coconut skin over charcoal!

Smoky fragrance of charcoal roasting and
The round bitterness of roasted far-infrared rays is
It makes you feel the depth of coffee.

A premium coffee that is addictive to its deliciousness and is not available in Japan.

◆ Direct-fired roasting French roasting deep roasting
Direct-fired roasting It is a deep roasted coffee that has been roasted.
This is also supervised by the roasting master.
A coffee with a refreshing aftertaste while having a deep taste and a firm bitterness.
Because it is deep roasted, you can enjoy it with milk.

◆ Direct-fired roasting City roasting Medium roasting
Direct-fired roasting It is a medium roasted coffee that has been roasted.
This is also supervised by the roasting master.
A fruity, easy-to-drink coffee with a good balance of bitterness and acidity.
It has a refreshing and gentle taste that is easy to drink even in black.

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