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Special promo! With a chain only now!

Silver jewelry made by Balinese craftsmen with all their heart.
A pendant top with a flower of life motif.
Normally, the chain is not attached, but for now, the price will not change and we will offer it with the chain.

You can choose from 40 cm or 45 cm.

It will end as soon as the chain runs out, so be quick!

You can choose natural stone from sunstone or rainbow moonstone.
Due to the detailed design, the Flower of Life body is molded, but the metal fittings through which the chain is passed are handmade.

◆ What is Flower of Life?
One of the sacred geometric patterns.
It seems that it has been used all over the world since ancient times, and it is thought that a miraculous cycle of life is hidden.
It is said that it has an amulet effect, but it also creates a wave of energy by wearing a pattern, decorating it at home, or writing it. It is said to have the effect of enhancing and relieving physical and mental disorders.
(See: https://celestia358.luxe/829)

◆ Sunstone
Sunstone is believed to be a special stone that can bring out the power of the sun, and is used for religious and magical ceremonies. It is said that it was done.
The brilliance of this stone is said to dispel evil spirits, turn negative energy into positive, and protect the owner. It will blow away the dark clouds in your heart and give you hope and happiness to live. In addition, it is said to promote personal growth and independence, and it is ideal as a talisman for people who are anxious about being alone, who are highly dependent, and who tend to deny themselves.
(Reference: http://natural-style.biz/)

◆ Rainbow Moonstone
This stone has strong spiritual vibrations, and has intuition and insight.・ It enhances creativity, foresight, spiritual ability and inspiration, and releases consciousness freely.
It has both yin and yang vibrations. It is said that the calm waves like the moon give intuition and insight, and the warm waves like the sun give vitality, hope, and cheerfulness. These two waves, which seem to be the opposite of each other, exert their power in the necessary situations according to the owner's condition.
(Reference: http://natural-style.biz/)

◆ Material
Silver 925
Natural stone Sunstone or Rainbow Moonstone

◆ Size
Length 39mm x Width 24mm
* There are some differences due to manual work.

・ Since the stock is low, we will manufacture it upon order. Therefore, please note that it takes about 1 week to 10 days from ordering to shipping.
・ The above explanation is an introduction to one of the various theories. We do not guarantee the effects and effects.
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-It will take some time to arrive in Japan due to international shipping. Currently, the number of flights is decreasing due to the influence of corona, which usually takes 4 to 7 days, but it can take 10 to 14 days.
-No cancellation or refund is possible after shipping.
・ However, if the situation deteriorates and shipping is not possible, a full refund will be given.