"Lucky charm" Gamelan ball bracelet or bag charm!

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Gamelan balls are considered to be a lucky charm in Bali.

Glittering silver seems to improve your luck just by having it.

And, the beautiful tone that becomes shabby brings a healing effect.

☆ What is a gamelan ball? ☆

"Gamelan" is music played in sacred religious ceremonies in Bali.

It came to be called "gamelan ball" because it resembles the tone of the gamelan.

The sacred tone is said to [remove evil] and [invite happiness].

In addition, it is said that the rustling sound has a healing effect.

* Motorcycle sounds and daily life sounds are included. Please turn up the volume and listen.

◇ How to use

Also on the bracelet

And it can also be used as a bag charm!

◇ Gamelan ball design

You can choose from 3 types of gamelan ball designs.

A. Leaf

B. Heart

C. Classic

All parts of the chain are the same.

◇ Material: Silver 925

◇ Size:

Overall length including chain: 13cm

Gamelan ball diameter: 1.5cm

Chain length: 18cm

* Since each item is hand-made, there are some differences.

-Since the stock is low, we will manufacture it upon order. Therefore, please note that it takes about 1 week to 10 days from ordering to shipping.
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