[Bali sculpture where the soul dwells] Cooperation and supervision of Mr. Cokorda Raka, a descendant of the Sukawati royal family.

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I was allowed to perform an instagram on May 16th.

Wood carving We introduced Ganesha Goddess and Lakshmi Goddess.

I was allowed to infiltrate Mr. Raka's work scenery and museum.

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New project with full cooperation and supervision of Mr. Cokorda Raka, descendant of the Sukawati royal family!

Collaboration project between Dakshina Shop and Sculpture Clan

Employment creation project for young sculptors

I posted it on my blog before, but it's finally time to start a new project!

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Cokorda Raka is one of Bali's leading sculptors. He holds numerous exhibitions at home and abroad and has many fan collectors.

His works are usually never traded for less than 150,000.

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Mr. Cokorda Raka Career
Born in the descendants of the Sukawati royal family in Bali.
He studied wood carving under the father of a famous sculptor since he was 6 years old.
He is recognized for his talent early on.
Graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Indonesia University of Education in Jakarta.
Bali's power and healing energy are full of wood carvings, including statues of gods and his own modern sculptures.
He also paints his own world with Balinese motifs and contemporary paintings in his paintings.
Exhibitions are held in Australia, Japan, Singapore, France, etc.
There are many collectors in Europe, Australia and Japan.
Also, it has one side of a healer who can read the Balinese calendar and cure illness with energy
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As you know, due to the influence of Corona, Bali has stopped accepting tourists since March 2020. As a result, the income of young sculptors who carved sculptures for tourists dropped sharply.

Mr. Raka, who is in a position to organize the sculptors, was worried.

So, this project started.

Mr. Raka designs and supervises, and by outsourcing the actual sculpture part to a young person, he will reduce his cost a little and sell the sculpture at the Dakshina shop.

The sculptures introduced this time are different from souvenirs.

A work of art dedicated to temples and the like.

Please order only those who do not want to handle it poorly.

◇ Introduction of Bali sculpture

◇ Introduction of Ganesha God

Ganesha is a pillar of the Hindu deity.

The name is Sanskrit and means "Lord of the crowd (Gana) (Esha)".

It is considered to be a god that brings benefits to this world and is very popular.

As a "god of wealth", he has gained tremendous faith from merchants.

A god with an elephant head with one broken fang on the human body with a drum belly, and has four arms.

He is said to remove obstacles and bring property, and is regarded as the god of business and commerce and scholarship.

◇ Size

Width: Approximately 12c m

Height: Approximately 22cm

◇ Material

Crocodile Wood


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