[Limited release] Silver necklace [Kiryu] and Nusa Punida Island Lang Lang purse set (with prayer for visiting the three strongest luck companies)

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We will resell it in response to hot requests from everyone! !! !!

Last time we prayed at the Holy Cave on Nusa Penida, a remote island in Bali, but this time we pray at Kuzuryu Shrine in Japan!

Order deadline: January 18th (Tuesday) full moon deadline.


Silver necklace [Kiryu] and Nusa Punida Island traditional hand-woven lantern purse set (with prayer at Kuzuryu Shrine)

* You cannot choose the pattern of the drawstring purse

A collaboration product between the international artist "Miho Mushroom" and the Dakshina shop in Bali.

Miho Mushroom is an international artist who has been active in European art events such as Germany and Italy.
The power of the dragon painting is well-established, and we also dedicate the dragon painting to a famous shrine in Japan.

A silver accessory that Miho Mushroom is working on for the first time.

Its name is [Kiryu]

This is a collaboration work with Balinese people and Dakshina Shop, which creates new values ​​while valuing traditions.

Bali has a legend that it was made by a dragon called Basuki dragon, and Bali and the dragon are inseparable.

The design of Miho mushroom is made into a necklace by a silver craftsman in Bali.

And we will send you a set of purse using "Traditional woven fabric Lang Lang" which has been hand-woven as a sacred cloth on Nusa Punida Island since ancient times.

Last time, we sold it as a limited edition product of "Enjoy Marche", and at that time, we prayed at the Holy Cave Temple on Nusa Punida Island, a remote island in Bali.

Click here for worship ↓

Actually, this [Kiryu] is said to contain the blessings of Kuzuryu-sama, Vishnu God, and Basuki Dragon. Please see here for details ↓


I decided to resell this time, but in fact, I can't enter Nusa Penida Island without a vaccine passport.


This time, with Kiryu, we will do "The strongest luck! Visit Hakone Sansha!" !!

Hakone Sansha Shrine visits Hakone Shrine, Kuzuryu Shrine, and Hakone Motogu Shrine.

It is said that you can get even greater godliness.

◆ Hakone Shrine

Kuzuryu Shrine

◆ Hakone Motogu

Pray for dragon accessories made in Bali at Kuzuryu Shrine in Japan.

Bali, with the power of the Japanese dragon, escapes the chaos and enters the world of light.

◆ Material
Necklace: Silver 925
Drawstring purse: Nusa Penida Island traditional woven fabric Lanlan (cotton thread dyed with plants and hand-woven)
◆ Size


Vertical 3 cm x Horizontal 3 cm
* Since each item is manually operated, there are some differences.

Drawstring purse:

Vertical 15.5 cm x Horizontal 10.5 cm


-You cannot choose the pattern for the drawstring purse.

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