[Fully made to order] Batik fabric specification laptop case made by Balinese craftsmen

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[Made to order fashionable computer case made by Balinese craftsmen]

A custom-made computer case using the popular batik fabric!

In 2020, due to the influence of Corona, the number of people working from home has increased, and it seems that the number of people taking laptops to their homes or on the go has increased.

I want a computer case for carrying around, but I don't have the right size, no fluttering pattern ...

In order to answer such concerns, we will work with a Balinese craftsman to propose a custom-made laptop case.

POINT1 : We will make it in a size that suits your laptop!

(Since it is slightly larger, you can insert a mouse and power cord)

Please be sure to write the size of your laptop (width x length x thickness) in the remarks before applying.

POINT 2: You can choose your favorite pattern by yourself!

(Since the stock of fabrics fluctuates, we will present and select multiple fabrics that can be prepared at that time. If there is no fabric you like, we will go to the fabric shop to procure it.)

■ Size: Make it according to your laptop.

■ Specifications Fabric; Indonesian traditional wax-dyed batik.
A pattern is created by stamping an embossed stamp called Batik Chap on a white background.
Also, because batik is a hand-dyed fabric, it is difficult to find the same fabric, and you will meet the fabric once in a while.
Even if you look for the same fabric, in most cases the fabric wholesaler does not handle it.
* Batik is also registered as a World Heritage Site and is a formal wear that comes to weddings etc.

■ Specifications: Vinyl coating on the surface, thin cushion on the inside
* Even if it gets slightly wet Uses a safe vinyl coating.

■ Model

・ With or without handle

・ With or without inside pocket

You can choose freely.

Product features
◇ You can choose your own cloth and make your own case.
◇ A case that fits your laptop size is completely made to order!
◇ Once-in-a-lifetime batik fabric (hand-dyed fabric)
◇ Colorful shades not found in Japan
◇ Vinyl coating not found in burrs.

・ Laptop size (horizontal) Please be sure to write (× length × thickness) in the remarks before applying.
・ This product will be created after you place an order, so it will take about 2 weeks to ship.
-This product will be shipped by international registered mail, so a separate shipping fee will be charged.
・ It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive.
-No cancellation or refund is possible after shipping.
・ However, if the situation deteriorates and shipping is not possible, a full refund will be given.