[Spirit Home Nusa Punida Island] A large tote bag made from traditional woven fabric Lang Lang! With bonus pouch

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Shopkeeper Kutu Kuriyamana Soul Project [Nusa Punida Island Traditional Textile Lang Lang Revival Project]

This product is part of the Nusa Punida Island Traditional Textile Lang Lang Revival Project.

Ranran of Dakshina Shop uses plant dyed yarn.

The soft texture of plant dyes suits any fashion.

Using such a traditional Nusa Punida island woven fabric, I made a large tote bag that can be used as a mother's bag!

Since the outside of the hand-woven run run is coated with vinyl, you don't have to worry about some dirt.

Safe on rainy days.

Especially if you are traveling with children, you can safely put your luggage in the park on the ground.

Inside, use a thick can pass to make it durable.

There are many pockets inside, so it is convenient to store small items.

And, as a bonus, I will put on a vinyl-coated pouch made of Lang Lang fabric

* You cannot choose the pattern

[Product Details]

■ Size

Width 45 cm x length 36 cm (56 cm including the handle)


Outside of bag: Hand-woven fabric Lang Lang (using plant dyed cotton thread)

Vinyl coated

Inner cloth: Campus cloth

In / out part: Fastener

■ Specifications:

A beautiful pattern of Lang Lang on the outside. It has a vinyl coating that is resistant to dirt and water.

The inside is reinforced with campus fabric.

Three internal pockets for ease of use

Open and close firmly with a zipper.


  • As each item is hand-woven, the color may look different from the photo. note that.
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