<< Adjusting the chakra balance >> Handmade by a silver craftsman Flower of Life Chakra Color Earrings

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Popular Flower of Life Silver Accessory

Introducing earrings!

Moreover, you can choose natural stones from 7 colors.

◆ Natural stone

High spiritual energy, sharpened intuition and boosting talent and charm
It is said that they will do

Lapis lazuli
Has the power to dispel negative emotions within you
It is said that your intuition, insight, and determination will increase and lead you in a better direction

There is a strong protective power to protect yourself from disasters, and the bonds and friendships between people It is said to be a stone that deepens

Guide us to a brighter future
It is said that it removes negative energy with bright power like the sun

Heal negative emotions and increase self-affirmation
It is said that it will help you when you want to strengthen your heart

A symbol of vitality and resurrection reproduction
It is said that it will motivate you and help you achieve your goals.

1 "> It is said to be a stone that feels the energy of the earth and creates an opportunity to bring out infinite possibilities.

< br data-mce-fragment = "1"> Introducing some of the various theories.

◆ What is Flower of Life?

One of the sacred geometric patterns.
It seems that it has been used all over the world since ancient times, and it is thought that a miraculous cycle of life is hidden.
It is said that it has an amulet effect, but it also creates a wave of energy by wearing a pattern, decorating it at home, or writing it. It is said to have the effect of enhancing and relieving physical and mental disorders.
(See: https://celestia358.luxe/829)

◆ Material
Silver 925
Natural stone Please choose one from the following 7 colors.

・ Amethyst

・ Lapis lazuli

・ Turquoise

・ Peridot

・ Citrine

・ Carnelian

・ Garnet

◆ Size
Length 20mm x Width 17mm < br data-mce-fragment = "1"> * There are some differences due to manual work.

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・ The above explanation is an introduction to one of the various theories. We do not guarantee the effects and effects.
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