A dragon plush toy (golden dragon) that carries the sacred energy of Bali

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Only a limited number will be released !

Kinryu Plush Toy

The appearance that shines in golden color.

It's a golden dragon.

This time, we will sell only a limited number of 2 bodies.

White florets are embroidered on the golden satin fabric.

The same fabric is not available, so this fabric is perfect.

We will consider separately whether to resell it with another fabric at a later date.

◆ Product Description
A dragon plush toy that has become a signboard product of the Dakshina shop.

This time, I made the first golden dragon with satin cloth.

White florets are embroidered on the golden satin fabric.

I couldn't get the same fabric, so only two of them are on sale for a limited time.

◆ Size
Length 20 cm, Width 22 cm, Width 9 cm
* There are some differences in each product due to the hand work one by one.

* Since the batik fabric is dyed by hand, the pattern will be different depending on where it cuts.


・ Because the stock is low, it will be made to order. You may have to wait one to two weeks after you place your order. please note.

-This product will be shipped by international registered mail.

-Currently, international mail is delayed due to the influence of corona, and it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive. It may take up to 3 weeks due to holidays.

-No cancellation or refund is possible after shipping.

・ If the situation deteriorates and shipping is not possible, a full refund will be given.