About personal import

This shop will deliver directly from Bali, Indonesia.
Both are treated as personal imports.

◆ Personal import means
importing goods from a foreign country for personal purposes.
In the case of import for personal use, tariffs and legal regulations will be relaxed, but sales and resale in Japan will not be possible.

Therefore, please place an order with the user's personal name.
(If the delivery address / orderer is the company name, it may be suspended by customs.)

Also, at customs clearance There may be an inspection by opening the cardboard.

◆ About quantity restrictions
Since it is assumed to be used by individuals, the quantity that can be imported by Japanese customs is limited depending on the product. It is restricted.

Quasi-drugs / cosmetics, etc .... Standard size within 24 pieces per item
Foods: Up to 10 kg of the same item

◆ About import tax
If the product price is 16666 yen or less, tax exemption will be applied.
However, if the number of imported items is limited or the product price exceeds 16,666 yen, import tax may be levied by Japanese customs.
In that case, please pay by yourself.

◆ About exterior and packaging

According to the regulations of the Indonesian Post Office, all sides are covered with gum tape.

◆ Notes on international mail
It will take some time to arrive in Japan due to international shipping. Currently, the number of flights is decreasing due to the influence of corona, which usually takes 4 to 7 days, but it can take 10 to 14 days.

◆ About international shipping
All prices are displayed according to shipping.
Please note that international shipping charges will be charged according to the weight.

◆ About personal import of food and cosmetics
・ All products are certified for food sales and cosmetics sales in Indonesia. However, it is unconfirmed whether it conforms to the standards in Japan.
Therefore, all of them are treated as "miscellaneous goods", so please use at your own risk.
・ Use a small amount of oil, etc., and make sure that there are no skin problems before using.
・ Oil, body cream, etc. are manufactured based on coconut oil, so they harden in low temperature places. It can be used if you boil it in hot water.