Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

If you still don't understand, please feel free to contact us from here


◆ Inquiries regarding orders

Q: How long can I change or cancel my order?

A: You can change or cancel your order before shipping.

Please contact us as soon as possible as we will start shipping immediately after receiving your order.

However, for made-to-order products, production will start after ordering, so if you cancel after the start of production, 50% of the product will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Q: Is it possible to enclose additional orders?

A: Yes, before shipping. However, since the shipping fee is calculated automatically for each order, the shipping fee will be charged even when you make an additional order.

In that case, the shipping fee may be charged twice.

In that case, we will respond individually, so please contact us from inquiries.

Q: Is it possible to return the item?

A: If the item is damaged at the time of opening, or if you receive something different from the item you ordered, please contact us within 7 days with a photo attached.

We will refund or send a new product.

Please note that in other cases, returns and refunds are not possible.

◆ Questions about products

Q: The quality of Bali products is uncertain.

A: All of our products are from Bali.

Also, since many products are made by craftsmen one by one, colors and shapes may differ slightly.

For those using natural materials, there are individual differences and color differences.

We select and deliver products in the best possible condition, but we would appreciate it if you could understand the above points as good manual work.

◆ Questions about international mail and shipping

Q: How soon will it arrive after shipping?

Q: How much does the shipping cost?

A: All of our shops will be shipped directly from Bali. International shipping will be charged in addition to the product price. Please refer to the following for the amount.

Q: What kind of packaging will you receive?