About Dakshina Shop

Dakshina Story
Island of the gods Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the world's leading beach resorts along with Hawaii and Guam. Luxury hotels line up in tourist destinations such as Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Sanur.
What attracts tourists is the beautiful nature and warmth of the people.
People who visit Bali are surrounded by a mysterious place as if they had returned to their home.

DAKSINA SHOP was born to introduce such wonderful things in Bali to Japanese people.

In 2018, more than 10 million tourists visited Bali from all over the world. However, due to the influence of the coronavirus, the entry of foreigners was restricted, so the number of tourists has been zero since March 2020.
Bali, which is said to depend on the tourism industry for 90% of its income, has been hit hard economically.

I don't want to lose the wonderful things in Bali.
The "Bali recommended miscellaneous goods" in this DAKSINA SHOP was started with the hope that it would lead to income for craftsmen and staff.

However, it does not handle everything.
The shop owner talks carefully with the producer and listens to the energy and feelings of the person and carefully selects them.

In particular, we are particular about 100% Bali products, and we mainly handle natural and traditional products

Shopkeeper self-introduction

Ketu t Kuryamana

DAKSINA SHOP representative and main yoga instructor.
Born in Nusa Penida, where the primordial nature and energy of Bali sleeps. She meets Ubud's charismatic healer, Kutu Arsana, after experiencing a rise in Kundalini at the age of 18. Arsana is an internationally renowned healer, spiritual master and yoga master. Since then, he has continued to study yoga and spiritual knowledge under Mr. Arsana.

Besides, he is also a therapist who learned technology in Japan and Bali. When he returns to his hometown of Nusa Punida, he will give free treatment to local people who suffer from headaches and stiff shoulders.

Hobbies: Wood carving, prayer, meditation


DAKSINA SHOP in charge of sales and web for Japan.
Born in Osaka and lives in Bali. She works for a major telecommunications company in Tokyo, but she retires from stress. After she retired, she was fascinated by the island of Bali she visited, and she married a Balinese husband as she traveled back and forth. It's been 5 years since she moved to Bali after her marriage. She lives in Bali with her Balinese husband and her son.

Hobbies: Reading, visiting cafes