We will start full order service for Atabag!

Atta bag that has been favored by many people.

This bag has been cute since before! But out of stock 💦 There were many inquiries about


Due to the decrease in tourists in Corona, the scale of production has also been reduced.

This is because the production system is on an order basis so as not to hold inventory.

Therefore, we decided to start accepting full order services at the Dakshina shop!

First in the industry! ?? with full order

You can get the original atta bag!

[Purchase flow]

Order: Please specify the model number and handle change

Select the model number here

To a business partner in Tenganan village Check inventory

・ In stock: Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

・ Out of stock: Delivery time approx. 1 month

We will inform you of the availability and delivery date

Attabag delivered to Dakshina shop

Inner cloth order reception: We will ask you about the cloth pattern, the presence of inner pockets, and the presence of drawstring purse

Inner cloth processing: Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Original attack completed!

Shipped from Dakshina Shop