Golden Week special project! Virtual shopping where you can feel Bali from your home

At the Dakshina Shop, we will hold virtual shopping every day as a special project for Golden Week!

Virtual shopping where you can feel Bali from your home.

It has the following wonderful benefits

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■ Wonderful benefits of virtual shopping
  • You can feel like traveling abroad while staying at home.
  • You can feel the light, wind and green of the tropical island of Bali.
  • I choose it myself through ZOOM, so I feel like I'm shopping locally.
  • Because it is a local purchase, you can purchase it at a good price.
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May 2nd is Indonesia's finest silk shop.
We will choose the color you want while listening to it.
It feels like you are shopping locally.
Above all, you can shop at a better price than buying in Japan.
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May 3rd to the Denpasar market.
I'm excited about the pile of miscellaneous goods such as incense holders, Buddha statues, Ganesha statues, and tableware with shells! Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm in Bali.
At the batik fabric shop, you can also process vinyl pouches and computer cases with the purchased fabric.
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And on May 5th, the final day, we went to Tenganan village, the birthplace of Attabag.
Ata bag that is very popular as it is perfect for summer outfits and goes well with yukata.
Why don't you choose your favorite bag by actually seeing it at the place where Atabak was born?
Tenganan village is a difficult place to visit directly because it is far from tourist spots.
In such a place, you can choose your favorite bag as if you were shopping locally while you are in Japan!
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