Don't lose to PKBB (Emergency Activity Restriction)! Bali craftsman support project

As you know, one year has passed since Bali stopped accepting tourists due to the influence of Corona. I was expecting it to reopen in July this year, but due to the surge in corona in Jakarta, Bali also locked down again.
From July 3rd to 20th, behavioral restrictions called PPKM (Large-scale activity restrictions) have started. Shopping malls are closed, restaurants are open for delivery only, and vaccination certificates are required for movement within Indonesia, and activities are severely restricted.
Everyone, including myself, is dropping their shoulders just because they have gradually relaxed.
But that's why! Dakshina Shop supports Bali by doing what only we can do.
Its name is

Don't lose to PPKM (lockdown)! Bali craftsman support project
I don't want to lose the wonderful things in Bali. I want to give a craftsman a job as much as possible, and I have to survive now. With that in mind, we offer works made by Balinese craftsmen at a really special price.

First of all, the Flower of Life Life 3-piece set!

If you buy them separately, it costs 13,800 yen, but if you order by July 20, you can only buy it for 11,000 yen, which is 20% off.

Great deals! !!

And the second!

Ganesha and Lakshmi are very popular.

Originally 80,000 yen, for now, we will offer a 20% discount of 64,000 yen only during this lockdown.

* Because it is made to order, please wait for 1-2 months after ordering until delivery.

In the third installment, we will offer 3 Attabags at 20 off.

Click here to place an order.

[Directly sent from Bali] No17 Soft type attack bag

[Directly sent from Bali] No16 Atta bag with lid (of which cloth is blue or red)

Now, Bali is the place to go.

Please help us.