Shopkeeper Kutu Kuriyamana Soul Project [Nusa Punida Island Traditional Textile Lang Lang Revival Project]

Bali's last undeveloped land [Golden Egg] Nusa Punida Island

It is also the birthplace of the owner, Kutu Kuriyamana.

Therefore, the traditionally made hand woven fabric is Rang-Rang.

The number of producers has decreased year by year, and now a few producers are telling Lang Lang in detail.

A traditional loom that is almost unseen now ↓

The family of the owner, Kutu Kuriyamana, is one of them.

The Karan district of Nusa Punida Island, the birthplace of Kutu Kuriyamana, was originally a region where Lang Lang production was thriving. When I visited a few years ago, every household had a weaving machine, and when I walked through the village, I heard the sound of weaving.

But now most homes have let go of weaving and no one is producing orchids.

If nothing is done, the traditional woven fabric Lang Lang will disappear.

With such a sense of crisis, our couple will launch this project to revive Lang Lang.

[Nusa Punida Island Traditional Textile Lang Lang Revival Project]

We will disseminate the traditional textile Ranran of Nusa Punida Island to Japan and the world. By doing so, we would like to preserve the traditions of Nusa Punida Island, protect the economy, and eventually create employment.

I started with that in mind.

At the Dakshina Shop, we will be announcing the works that made the traditional textile Lang Lang of Nusa Punida Island.

We mainly deal with fabrics using traditional plant dyeing threads.

In Indonesia, woven fabrics using colorful chemical dyes are preferred to plant dyeing, so plant dyeing products are rarely on the market in Bali, and the local people are fine-tuned just for themselves. Was produced.

When trading in the market, due to its value, it may be traded at a high price of over 10,000 yen per piece.

However, the beautiful texture of plant dyes cannot be achieved with chemical dyes.

The gentle colors that trap the nature of Nusa Punida Island are wonderful.

■ Product introduction

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[Spirit Home Nusa Punida Island] Nusa Punida Island Azuma bag using traditional woven fabric Ranran

[Spirit Home Nusa Punida Island] Fashionable shopping bag using traditional woven fabric Lang Lang

[Spirit Home Nusa Punida Island] Large tote bag made of traditional woven fabric Lang Lang

One-size-fits-all skirt * Coming soon

Introduction of Nusa Punida Island and traditional textile Lang Lang ↓