≪Traditional woven fabric dyed with plants and hand-woven≫ 2-way leather bag

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New work announced after a long absence!

A leather bag that can be used in 2 ways using traditional woven fabrics dyed with plants and hand-woven.

Nusa Punida Island Traditional Textiles Please see here for Lang Lang


Nusa Penida Island is an island where the legend of the dragon remains.

Lang Lang has been hand-woven on such an island since ancient times.

On the island, it has been used as a "sacred cloth" for festivals at temples.

A mix of different materials that combines such run run and leather.

A bag just for you to add a touch of style to your everyday life.

◆ Product Description
We use the traditional woven fabric Lang Lang, which has been hand-woven from ancient times on the remote island of Nusa Penida in Bali. While many of the textiles available in Bali use chemical dyes, all the orchids sold at the Dakshina shop are plant dyed.

From dyeing to hand weaving, it is done by women on Nusa Punida Island.

After that, craftsmen process it in Bali.

Each one is created by craftsmen with all their heart.

◆ Material

Bag surface: Nusa Penida Island traditional woven fabric Lang Lang (100% cotton)

Bag handle: Indonesian goat leather

Inner cloth: Suede cloth

◆ Size
Vertical 16 cm (extended 30 cm) Horizontal 30 cm

Chain length 133 cm
* There are some differences due to manual work one by one.

◆ Color
There are 3 types of colors available.

1 Natural

A calm brown color that takes advantage of the natural texture of the skin

2 cream

A gentle cream color that goes well with plant dyeing orchids

3 gold

Party in the southern country. Fashionable color that stands out in such a case

* Since hand-woven fabric is used, the appearance and color of each pattern will differ depending on where you cut it.


・ An international shipping fee of 1500 yen will be charged in addition to the product price.

-Since hand-woven fabric is used, the appearance and color of each pattern will differ depending on where you cut it. Please note that you cannot choose the pattern and color.

-Since each leather bag is made by hand by craftsmen, there are slight differences in size.

・ Because the stock is low, it will be made to order. You may have to wait one to two weeks after placing your order. note that.

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