Dragon plush toys (white dragons, rainbow dragons) that carry the sacred energy of Bali

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Bali cherishes the dragon as the god.
A dragon always appears in the legend of Bali creation.
Dragons protect the temple gates, and dragons are everywhere in the city.
We will deliver the energy of such a dragon to Japanese people.

◆ Product Description
A "dragon plush toy" specially designed for the "Meguri Festival" held in November 2020.
We use traditional Balinese batik fabric (colorful wax dyeing).
After sewing the outline with a sewing machine, the details are manually worked.
Each one is created by craftsmen with all their heart.

◆ Size
Length 20 cm Width 22 cm Width 9 cm
* Since each item is hand-made one by one, there are some differences.

Two colors are available in total doing.

1 White Dragon
2 Rainbow Dragon

* Since the batik fabric is dyed by hand, the pattern will be different depending on where you cut it.


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