[Exotic Balinese scent] Natural essential oil (essential oil)

[Exotic Balinese scent] Natural essential oil (essential oil)

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Nadis Herbal essential oil that you have been hoping for.

A 100% essential oil extracted from Bali's sun and wind-rich plants.

It can be used in various situations such as bath salts and aroma oil treatments.

Due to the low inventory at present, some types may be manufactured by the manufacturer after receiving an order. In that case, you may have to wait for about 2 weeks to 1 month.

Nadis Herbal is a natural cosmetics manufacturer based in Bali. We offer unique products that combine the knowledge of traditional medicine Usada in Bali and Ayurveda in India.

We own 2 hectares of our own farm and produce almost all raw materials at our own farm. Its products range from insect repellents, lip balms, massage oils, herbal teas, body creams, face creams and scrubs.

This time we will introduce essential oils.

All are 100% essential oils taken from our own farm or plants in Indonesia.

No chemicals such as synthetic fragrances are added.

In addition to the types introduced this time, there are other types that can be produced by the manufacturer. Please contact us.

Contents: 10 mL

Origin: Indonesia

Contents: 100% natural material


☆ Chunpaka Cempaka

The English name is Magnolia. In Bali, it is a flower dedicated to the god used when praying.

It features a strong, rich and sweet scent. It can also be used as a perfume base for luxury blunts.

Calm and relax. Relieve stress.

☆ Frangipani Frangipani

The English name is Plumeria. Flowers commonly found in Bali and Hawaii.

It has a sweet floral scent. Like jasmine, it's sweet but refreshing.

Increase your feelings and concentration. Or it is said to relieve anxiety and tension.

☆ Jasmine

It is a popular scent as a raw material for perfumes, and is called the "King of Flowers" because it can only be taken in small amounts.

The scent of gorgeous and sweet flowers is mixed with a unique scent.

Its scent is said to relieve stress and balance the mind.

☆ Lavender Lavender

Floral floral scent and soft herbal scent.

It stabilizes the mind and balances the exchange and parasympathetic nerves.

☆ Ylang Ylang-ylang

The sweet and rich scent is mixed with a slightly quirky and exotic scent.

Sensual and sexy scent.

It is said to increase femininity and balance hormones.

Also for menopausal symptoms.

☆ Patchouli Patchouli

An astringent scent that is described as "smell-like" or "scent of soil".

When used alone, it can be used for insect repellent, meditation, and yoga.

When mixed with other essential oils, the scent will be deeper and deeper, and the scent will last for a long time.

☆ Lemongrass

An herb with a scent of lemon. A refreshing and spicy scent.

It is also used to add flavor to dishes. It is also used locally to repel insects and reduce fever.

It is said to refresh the mood and calm the mind.

☆ Cinnamon

A sweet and spicy scent that is also used for sweets.

Cinnamon is native to Indonesia. It is an evergreen tree of the family Lauraceae, which is made by peeling off the skin of the trunk and branches and drying it.

Recommended for those who are prone to past regrets and loneliness. We will support you to let go of your negative feelings.

It is irritating and is advised not to use directly on the skin.

☆ Citronella

A refreshing citrus scent similar to lemon. It is used locally to repel insects.

Insect repellent, antibacterial, immunity improvement. Also for relief from stress and mental fatigue.

☆ Geranium

It is also called "rose geranium" because it has a rose-like scent.

A gorgeous scent like rose. It regains femininity and regulates hormone secretion and autonomic balance.

☆ Harmony Harmony (blend)

An original blend that uniquely blends various plants such as cananga.

Even though it is floral, it has an ethnic scent that is typical of Bali.

☆ Secret Scent (blend)

Mixed with champaka, pachori, vetiver, etc. Original blend ..

The woody and exotic scent brings deep healing.

☆ Gentle Touch (blend)

A gorgeous and fragrant original blend of jasmine, champaka and frangipani.

A scent that seems to contain the flowers of Bali as it is.

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