《Purification / Clearing Negative Energy》 Pyramid Salt Bali Natural / Sun Salt 40g

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We will send you beautiful pyramid-shaped natural salt from Bali.

A natural crystalline salt that is produced only when natural conditions are met.

In the world, It is said that natural pyramid salt is produced only in Bolivia (Uyuni salt lake) in South America, Australia, the Republic of Cyprus, and Bali.

This time, we are preparing a special pyramid salt produced by a traditional method.

Only manual work by craftsmen and sunlight are used.

No fire is used.

After dissolving the sun-dried salt once, it is recrystallized in the sun again. At that time, if you leave it still without stirring, an upside-down pyramid will gradually form from the surface of the water downward.

Since it won't be a beautiful pyramid unless it is sunny for 5 consecutive days, it can be produced only in the dry season.

Production will stop during the rainy season.

Such a precious pyramid salt.

We will start handling at the Dakshina shop!

[Recommended for people like this]

☆ For salt supplementation in the hot season

☆ For a change of mood when it's not refreshing

☆ For dispelling evil when your body and feelings are heavy

☆ For purification of rooms and spaces

☆ Put it in the bath to cleanse your energy


・ It will be sent directly from Bali. Please note that the food inspection standards in Japan are unconfirmed and will be treated as "individual import" at your own risk.
・ The price does not include shipping to Japan. An international registered mail of 900 yen will be charged separately.
-It will take some time to arrive in Japan due to international shipping. Currently, the number of flights is decreasing due to the influence of corona, which usually takes 4 to 7 days, but it can take 10 to 14 days.
-No cancellation or refund is possible after shipping.
・ However, if the situation deteriorates and shipping is not possible, a full refund will be given.