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Emotion therapy teacher Mariko Oshino sent us a customer's voice! !!

[Bali Private Virtual Shopping Escort @ Finest Silk Scarf Store with Kutu & Saeko Couple]

Why don't you do private virtual shopping at the finest silk scarf shop in Bali?
Bali-based Kutu & Saeko couple will escort your shopping.
This time, we are proposing Indonesia's finest silk shop.
We will choose the color you want while listening to it.
It feels like you are shopping locally.
Above all, you can shop at a better price than buying in Japan!

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■ Wonderful benefits of virtual shopping
  • Purchased Indonesian finest silk locally.
  • I choose it myself through ZOOM, so I feel like I'm shopping locally.
  • Because it is a local purchase, you can purchase it at less than half the price in Japan.
  • Soft silk scarf. It's light and small, so it's a great success if you have one.
  • One roll before it cools down in an air-conditioned restaurant.
  • The clothes you wear everyday are suddenly gorgeous. Great success at parties

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Create a gorgeous atmosphere with just one sheet.
Colorful colors not found in Japan. A unique motif is the protagonist of the party.

Although it is a large format, it is so compact when folded.
You can use it in various scenes just by putting one in your bag.

Choose together over ZOOM!
It feels like you are shopping locally.

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■ Schedule: Please let us know your desired schedule. We will decide after consultation.
However, we may not be able to meet your request on Sundays, public holidays, Garungan, Bali, Idurfitri, etc. due to religious holidays, as the store will close.
■ Participation fee: 10,000 yen
* Items purchased through shopping and shipping charges will be charged separately.
We will send you an invoice separately.
■ How to participate: At the time of purchase, please fill in the desired schedule up to the 3rd schedule.
The schedule will be decided after consultation by email.
After that, ZOOM ID will be sent.
Please set the ZOOM application in advance.